• Ubaydullayeva Dilafruz Fazliddinovna 2nd year doctoral student of the Department of English Linguistics of Bukhara State Universit

Ключевые слова:

emotions, cognition, emotional sphere, metaphor, sthenic and asthenic, linguistic cultures, the linguistics of emotions.


This work aims to present a novel perspective on emotion categories in cognitive linguistics (see to Kövecses 1986, 1990, 2000 for the "old" view). The premise that conceptual metaphors are multidimensional structures and the addition of a reformulated understanding of context to CMT (see Kövecses 2020) are the two modifications to "standard" conceptual metaphor theory (CMT) that the new perspective builds upon. These two modifications to the theory allow us to view emotion concepts as multidimensional metaphorical frameworks enmeshed in a multitude of contextual details.

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